Hacienda las Vainillas “on your own”

Our Hacienda, also called “Finca” in Spanish, offers miles of well-maintained and signposted hiking trails. You can walk on your own for hours, get lost in the wilderness, hike along rivers, discover hidden waterfalls or visit our Vanilla plantations, all within our 100 hectares (220 acres) of wild rain forest. A map will help you find your way around the finca and the best spots to swim our waterfalls pools.

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Kanawi Holistic Massages

Wendy and Nathaly have passions and love for skin, health, nature and healing.
They strive to make each treatment a unique experience, targeting all the senses in a flow designed to relax and restore energy and the nervous system while rejuvenating the skin. A Holistic approach takes into consideration all aspects of a person.
Therefore, their massages go beyond the skin. Products are 100% Natural.

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