About us

The property features gorgeous private waterfalls, springs and rivers with swimming holes, stunning views and kilometers of internal paths.

Hacienda las Vainillas is a working hacienda with a traditional vanilla plantation (vanilla plants are located in the jungle).


When they acquired the Hacienda in 2015, the owners observed large endemic vanilla plants (v. pompona species) in the forest. They started to cultivate vanillas in a greenhouse before transferring the grown up plants in the forest, their natural habitat in Central America. The plantation is reaching the production state with both v. pompona and v. planifolia species.

Wildlife sightseeing is a daily thing on the property which is situated in Mastatal’s biological wildlife corridor. White faced monkeys roam free in the property. Tropical birds like black mandibled toucans, collored Aracari, colonies of Scarlet Macaws and many others can be seen during jungle tours although the best spot simply might be the hotel terrace overhanging the canopy.

Hacienda las Vainillas’s hotel has been built on the top of a Hill. It is a large house with 5 luxury rooms all with spectacular views. It looks as a colonial country house with clay tyles, wood beams and clay slabs. After walking the Hacienda las Vainillas internal paths (we have several kilometers of them), you’ll want to give you a treat in the hotel 1 100 sq feet swimming pool with a cold fruit punch made of tropical fruits.

Bedrooms : 5

Pool : 1

Restaurant : 1

Bar : 1