At Hacienda las Vainillas…

Toucans hardly can resist our Hacienda’s Guarumo’s [“cecropia obstusifolia”] seeds.

Guarumo trees are numerous in the Hacienda rain forest.
From a drone’s point of view Guarumos look like circles made of round geometric leaves


Guarumo is famous for its medicinal properties. Its bark is used for handicrafts by locals. However, Guarumos n°1 fans are Toucans.
In November, Guarumos flowers in preparation
for the dry season soon to come.






Two months later, Guarumos are offering seeds to Toucans & other jungle birds (below a “black mandible Toucan”) who get their ride for free lunch.

Always with an eye on who’s threatening to join the party.


After a little time for digestion while socializing, 




… straight to a banana tree that offers a not so developed bunch (surely not good enough for Harry Belafonte’s song!)