Hacienda las Vainillas is on the slope of La Cangreja mountain, a 4,000 feet high cliff above the Pacific Coast

With a view over the rain forest down to Manuel Antonio National Park on the Ocean shore.

The park was created in 2002 by the government of Costa Rica.

For the last 20 years, it has protected from intensive tourism for the purpose to protect its local fauna and flora.


La Cangreja is home to more than 300 species of birds, including a large population of Scarlet Macaws that migrated from the South of Costa Rica through carefully designed jungle corridors.

Other animals frequently observed in La Cangreja national park are Capuchin monkeys, Coatis, green and black poison frogs, and many others…



La Cangreja National Park has several trails. One of those starts from the Park entrance and exit next to Hacienda las Vainillas: Sendero Rio Negro (6 Km).
Another trail “Sendero Plinia” has its entrance next to the Hacienda las Vainillas hotel: it gives direct access to lost in the wild rivers and waterfalls inside the Park.


Hacienda las Vainillas’s 220 acres of protected rain forest is an extension to the Park.