Cangreja National Park

Hacienda las Vainillas is on the slope of La Cangreja mountain, a 4,000 feet high cliff above the Pacific Coast With a view over the rain forest down to Manuel Antonio National Park on the Ocean shore. The park was created in 2002 by the government of Costa Rica. For the last 20 years, it […]

Manuel Antonio

From Hacienda las Vainillas, the most renown National Park of Costa Rica: P.N. Manuel Antonio can be reached within 95 minutes driving on a scenic road # 609 to Parrita and then to Quepos with the coastal road # 618.   PN Manuel Antonio is famous for its diversified environments such as humid tropical primary […]

TOUCANS at Hacienda Las Vainillas (Costa Rica)

At Hacienda las Vainillas… Toucans hardly can resist our Hacienda’s Guarumo’s [“cecropia obstusifolia”] seeds. Guarumo trees are numerous in the Hacienda rain forest. From a drone’s point of view Guarumos look like circles made of round geometric leaves   Guarumo is famous for its medicinal properties. Its bark is used for handicrafts by locals. However, […]