From Hacienda las Vainillas, the most renown National Park of Costa Rica: P.N. Manuel Antonio can be reached within 95 minutes driving on a scenic road # 609 to Parrita and then to Quepos with the coastal road # 618.


PN Manuel Antonio is famous for its diversified environments such as humid tropical primary forest, mangrove, islands, and high concentration of wild life in a relatively small area of 680 ha (1.500 acres)

It has splendid beaches, amongst the most beautiful of Costa Rica with its jungle trees brushing the white sand.

This small paradise was well known of pre-Columbian Indians – the “Quépoas” – who built fish traps made of stone in the sea that remain in place (playa Gemelas – playa la Macha)

The National Park was created in 1972 by the Government of Costa Rica. Since then, a well-designed conservation plan has been enforced that carefully manages the impact of tourism on fauna


A very relaxed capuchin monkey